In Memoriam

My mother was a patient, and at times very ill, but she was also a mom, a wife, a human being, who lived life to the fullest, making adjustments to a new “normal” throughout. Above are photos of our mother at different points in her life, fully engaged, even with those adjustments. Below is the photo I described in the book of my mother sitting in the sunroom that looks out onto the garden. It shows her quality of life despite the physicians’ prognosis. It shows resilience against all odds. The small sign above the birdhouse on the table reads, “Give Thanks.”

Mom in the sunroom, enjoying life

My family and I find solace in the wonderful memories we have of my mother. Many of those memories were made during the last few years of her life, when Mom was ill. I think my mother would be proud of the progress we’ve made during the first year after her death.